Autor Vladimir Nikić   

Do you need to understand and define well the strategy of taking your innovation into market? Would you like to learn how to think strategically? Or you simply want to find a way to enter into market unnoticed by competition? Would you like to know to what extent will the business based on your innovation be cost-effective? Would you like to be able to understand the financial terminology of bankers, investors and accountants? Or you need to know how to manage your financial flows?

This training aims at enabling you to understand what is important when creating strategy for your innovation, to work out the way of moving on market, to know how to outline vision and mission of your innovative business, to enable you to perceive your financial position and think financially, to understand your financial reports, to think about various sources of funding etc, and all this just to be able to manage your finances and gather your employees around the innovation.

This training is created for all of you who would like to set up strategically your innovative businesses.

Target group

The training aims at small (innovative) enterprises who want to create a strategy for their innovative businesses. This training is also created for small enterprises which would like to learn to observe their current businesses innovatively.

Training content:

  • Understanding the content of the strategy
  • Formulating the strategy for your innovation
  • Outlining vision and mission of your innovative business
  • Organizing people and work
  • Implementing the strategy for your innovation
  • Income statement and profitability
  • Balance sheet and financial  coefficients
  • Cash flows and net present values
  • Sources of funding small innovative businesses

Benefits for your enterprise:

  • You will learn which elements are well defined strategies
  • You will learn how to create a strategy
  • You will define the ways of moving on market
  • You will design a business model of your business
  • You will realize how significant the connection between formulation and implementation of your strategy is
  • You will improve your strategic and managerial skills
  • You will learn to perceive how successfully you can operate over a certain period of time
  • You will understand how much money you have to have constantly engaged in current business
  • You will be able to make operational decisions related to the management of your cash flows
  • You will define a point of return for your innovative business
  • You will perceive your financial position
  • You will form the basis for further education in terms of strategic innovation of your own business
  • You will form the basis for further education in terms of finances
  • You will get the material which you can use as a good reminder and a guide

Requested preknowledge:

  • None. Within the training, we will develop the abovementioned topics step by step, according to the examples of your innovation.

The training represents the combination of lectures, discussions and practical exercises. You will be in a direct contact with the trainer and during the training, we will deal with your concrete problems and questions.

Materials: materials will be provided at the very training. You will also get the presentations via e-mail, after the training is completed.

Duration: 3 days, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Number of attendees: maximum 25